Erich Franke Foundation

The Erich Franke Foundation was established in 2000 by the married couple Egon and Eva Franke on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the inventor of the wire-race bearing. The purposes of the foundation are diverse and range from the promotion of science and research to the promotion of nature conservation and landscape preservation.

Purposes of the Foundation

The promotion of science and research, the promotion of youth and old people's welfare, the promotion of nature conservation and landscape preservation in the sense of the Federal Nature Conservation Act and the nature conservation laws of the federal states and the promotion of charitable purposes in the sense of § 53 AO. The purposes of the statutes are realised in particular by:

a. Promotion of charitable and non-profit institutions in the city of Aalen.

b. Promotion of biotope improvements or biotope redesigns in the old district of Aalen.

c. Promotion of research projects in the field of roller bearings and other bearing technologies at Aalen University

d. Promotion of the material equipment of municipal and ecclesiastical kindergartens in Aalen.

Organs of the Foundation

The organs of the Foundation are:

1. Director: Daniel Groz

2. Advisory Board: Sascha Eberhard, Bernhard Richter (Pastor of the Stadtkirche Aalen), Frederick Brütting (Mayor of the City of Aalen).

Those interested in receiving funding can apply directly to the Foundation.